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Get to know Hamilton

Get to know Hamilton

At Hamilton, we are dedicated to fostering the academic, social and personal growth of all of our students. Through a rigorous academic curriculum that integrates the fine arts, technology, movement and social emotional learning, we strive to prepare all of our students to succeed in high school and beyond.

Focusing on the whole child, while upholding high expectations and utilizing evidence-based practices, supports our students' growth each year. Student learning improves when you raise expectations, support teachers, and build a collaborative climate that is focused on the whole community's learning.

At Hamilton we build a close partnership between the school and home, while developing the love of learning in each student. We offer one of three essentials classes (Visual Art, Dance, and Multimedia Arts) each day in addition to Physical Education. Movement breaks are built into the school day and students have lunch and recess with their grade level peers. Students and Adults at Hamilton "Work Hard, Play Fair and Take Care of Each Other." This is reinforced throughout the school and in the classrooms as students create class-wide agreements, learn to have restorative conversations and support one another as we all strive to learn and grow.

Hamilton is a neighborhood school and accepts all students living in the attendance area at any time.

Additionally, we are a fine and performing arts magnet cluster school. This means we are a neighborhood school which accepts students from outside our attendance area through a lottery if space is available. Tours are available monthly throughout the school year. If you would like to learn more about Hamilton, please join us on a tour!